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Corporate Social Responsibility - Hannibal Real Estate LLC are strong believers in supporting and promoting the community where we do business.  Since 2009 we have provided a home for the Broken Timber Outdoor Education Center...

Broken Timber Outdoor Education Center was the brainchild of Mike Willis,

Mike worked hard to provide this education opportunity in Monroe County. The facility was provided through the generosity of HRE's owner and CEO Jeffrey Himmel.

In 2009, while touring Broken Timber Outdoor Education Center, located on the HRE site, then US Rep Charlie Wilson said, “This is fabulous! It’s a wonderful idea. I know that when children get started with good habits like the ones they are learning here, they do not show up later doing bad things. They become good, productive individuals with a passion for other things ... This is a wonderful opportunity and Monroe County should be so proud of this.